Making Room is a generosity initiative of New City Presbyterian Church, December 2022-December 2024

Over the past 12 years, we have been the extremely fortunate recipients of God’s prodigious grace at New City. He has provided for us over and over and over again. We are praying and trusting that he will provide for us again and abundantly as we seek to make room.

Room for our over 300 kids (when the church started we had one. ONE. Maybe two.)

Room for our students (we started a youth ministry this past fall).

Room for our neighbors (we want our building to be a “third space” for folks to feel the welcome of Jesus, to feel that they belong). A place for YOU to bring people, spend time with people, welcome others with the welcome of Jesus.

And beyond making room in our church building, this initiative is about making room in our hearts and lives for what God wants to do. Yes, that involves considering how we can practice generosity and give toward building but if we aren’t willing to make room for the guest, the neighbor, the newcomer in our hearts and lives, why make more room in our church building?

Our primary goal is 100% engagement. We would like 100% of us who call New City home to really reckon with what it means to make room.

We are trusting God for our secondary goal of $6.8 million over the next two years: $2.8M for our annual budget for 2 years and $4M to make room with a new building. And we are trusting God to do his wonderful work in our hearts, making room, offering the welcome to others as Christ has welcomed us.

PRIMARY GOAL: More than anything, Making Room is a discipleship initiative. As a church family, we want to grow in our faith, learning about God and about ourselves. Can you imagine what would happen if every single one of us at New City chose to make room? To engage, and grow in generosity, becoming more like Christ? We want everyone involved: Our goal is 100% engagement.

SECONDARY GOAL: Our secondary goal is $6.8 million to fund 2 years of our annual budget as well as a building addition of a new commons, kids rooms, youth ministry space, an indoor playground, large gathering hall, "front porch", and more.