Making Room is a generosity initiative of New City Presbyterian Church, December 2022-December 2024

How'd we get here to "Making Room"? 

Way back in 2018 we began to realize that we were running out of room. For kids primarily. And for space to eat meals together. And for space for the community to gather. And for our brand new student ministry. 

So we formed a Master Plan Team with folks from a variety of our ministry areas led by Dean Violetta, the architect who led the renovation and updates to the original building, and who is now full time architect with the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens.

Over the span of about a year the team met and discussed our history, strengths, ministry philosophy, vision, values, decision drivers, facility assessment, space needs assessment, visits to other church facilities, programming needs, and more. We even developed a "Block Master Plan" with Sharpsburg, a plan adopted by the Norwood School Board in April of 2021 which is now to be executed, construction beginning in May 2023.

In the Master Plan below you'll find all that information and more, including early sketches and plans. 

If any questions arise feel free to contact Pastor Brian at 


New City Master Plan